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Accepted forms of payment are cash, cheque (payable to Brian Borts CPA, CA), Interac, VISA, MasterCard or email money transfer to: taxinfo@brianborts.com.

Invoices can be paid via our website at https://brianborts.com/pay/index.html

Monday – Friday 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
We are closed:

  • Fridays from June 16th – December 31st
  • All statutory holidays
  • Easter Monday
  • First business day after April 30th (usually May 1st)
  • First business day after June 15th (June 16th)
  • Two weeks over the Christmas/New Year holidays
We are accepting new clients. Please call or email to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our tax preparers, or simply complete and submit your tax package to our office at tax time.

For US returns, we are selectively accepting new clients, usually those who work in the arts & entertainment industry.

Please call our office or email ustax@brianborts.com to discuss your US tax situation.

Please see the Working With Us section of the website for details.
We do recommend that you fill out the tax packages, including the checklist at the beginning. This will ensure that you provide all the information we need to prepare your tax return, and will also help minimize your accounting costs.
The cost of your return will depend on its complexity and time required to prepare it. To help minimize your accounting costs, we encourage you to fill in our tax packages, including expense sheets and worksheets where applicable.

For information about fees for other services, please contact the office. Quotes can be provided upon request.

We encourage you to fill in our tax packages, including expense sheets and worksheets where applicable. Please gather all information before submitting your tax package. Be as organized as possible to minimize the amount of correspondence required.

If submitting materials electronically, consolidate your information into as few files as possible; PDF file format is preferred.

Generally, the following time frames apply:

Individual returns: approximately 3 business weeks, or 4 business weeks if we are doing your bookkeeping.

Corporate returns: approximately 6-8 business weeks, or 8-10 business weeks if we are doing your bookkeeping. Please consider dropping off your information one month after your year end, once you have received all bank and credit card statements.

US returns: approximately 4-6 business weeks, or longer during our peak season. Our office can file an extension for your US return, which will extend the filing deadline to October 15th.

Please see the Working With Us  (“You Submit Your Materials”) section of the website for details.
Timelines depend on the type of return/s we are preparing. For a complete list, please see the Dates & Deadlines section of our website.
Please submit information via our secure Portal system at  https://cchportal.ca/portalthin. Your user name is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click on “reset”.

If you don’t yet have a portal, request one at ttps://brianborts.com/portal-request/h

PDF files are recommended.
Consolidate your information into as few files as possible and organize by type (e.g. income slips, donation receipts, medical receipts, childcare receipts, etc.)
Submit all documentation at the same time.

Please complete our tax package (there is a separate package for each type of return: individual, corporate, and US individual). Make sure to provide complete contact information.

Each tax package has a complete checklist which will help you determine exactly what types of information, documentations or slips you will need to submit. Examples include T-slips (T4s, T4As, T5s, etc), receipts for charitable donations, medical expenses, etc.

New clients, please include a copy of your previous year’s tax return (including all schedules), as well as our Privacy Package and Authorizing a Representative forms.

If we do not prepare your partner’s taxes, please also include a copy of their return. Please note that we strongly encourage couples (either married or common-law) to have both partners’ returns filed together.

As professional tax preparers, we are required to electronically file Canadian T1, T2 and GST/HST returns except in certain cases where CRA specifies paper-filing of a return. If you request a paper return, a surcharge will apply.

For US returns, we electronically file federal and state returns in most cases.