Our Practice

Chartered Professional Accountant Brian Borts was working full time in the corporate world. Brian’s wife, Tama Kossman, was a performing artist, choreographer, writer and teacher. Every year at tax time, Tama would bring home fellow artists and freelancers who needed help with their income tax preparation… not just anyone, but rather a qualified accountant who understood the intricacies of preparing artists' tax returns. And thus, a new home business was born. Word spread, and before long Brian decided to leave the corporate world and focus on providing financial, accounting and income tax preparation services to those who work in the arts and entertainment industry. Over the years, the practice continued to expand… and so too has the team at Brian Borts CPA, CA. Today, our boutique firm takes pride in providing personalized service to a diverse clientele. Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the industry for many years; whether you are up-to-date or years behind in filing, the tax team at Brian Borts CPA, CA will work with you to save you money and make filing your taxes a smooth process.